What to Do When the Dream Comes Dressed in Fear

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Pretty much anyone who has chased a dream – launched a product, opened a business, set a goal – has experienced moments of fear. In some cases fear so gripping it derails, but mostly fear cloaked in some form of self-doubt that’s just strong enough to keep you stuck where you are.

When I experience long stretches of uninspired effort and excitement, I know it’s time to revisit the essence of my dream.

See, my dream only looks like building a successful business. It’s why I do what I do that’s at the core of my aspirations – and that’s what I must protect at all times. Reaching my dream requires that I get up every single day ready to fearlessly tackle the world of my highest priorities, even against the constant pounding of the world pushing against me. Sure, dramatic, but I’m guessing some of you know that feeling.

When I do feel I’ve veered off the path or landed in a deep rut, I find my way back to center by assessing how I’m doing in the following three areas.

Am I giving more than I take – and mindful of the ratio

This one is huge because at the core my business is about service. If I ever grip too tight on the idea of gain, I fall out of the balance it takes to serve. When I focus on giving – advice, mentoring, ideas, time, treasure – the universe seems to take care of what I receive. Experience tells me there is truth in this only if you can set the right intention for where you are headed and then detach from how you actually get there.

Am I helping those who need help – not just those who can help me

I was having a conversation with a friend, and he asked me what I thought of those endorsement requests people send via LinkedIn. I told him I thought they were silly because nobody pays attention to those and why would I endorse someone I might not even know?

I brushed his response aside, and then a day or so later it hit me like a ton of bricks. He said, sure, but what if a little thing like that meant a lot to that person? What if, they valued the gesture far more than you did – what would that cost you?

It made me think about how easy it is in the rush of trying to grow a business or brand to forget how easy it is to help others – even if they have no apparent way to help you.

Am I letting myself be vulnerable – it’s the only way people can help me

This is by far my greatest challenge. I want to be right, I want to have the answer, I can do it all myself. That’s what my ego tells me and in some instances, it’s what moves me forward, but it’s also a sure-fire way to miss incredible opportunities.

People naturally want to help when their help is seen as needed, useful and invited.

Letting go of being right, asking others for their opinion and being open and interested in the dreams of others is how you invite people and ideas into your dream that are equipped to help you strip away layers of fear and even elevate your vision to places you had not even considered hauling it.

That’s all for today – thanks for letting me share!


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