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We all teach something – like it or not, know it or not – but how conscious are we of the act.

Professional teachers have had a profound impact on my life – Perhaps more than my parents in some very important ways.

  • I’m reminded of my 7th-grade history teacher and basketball coach who felt it important that he also teach us boys about respecting the women who came in and out of our lives.
  • I often think about my high school English and Literature teacher who truthfully opened up the world of books to me. Although I suspect he would cringe at the thought I acknowledged his impact in my first book.
  • I’m even driven to this day by my Freshman Latin teacher who thought it important that he tell me I would never amount to much in life. (I wonder how many other people he labeled as such and I wonder how many believed him.)

I’ve learned a great deal from teachers but I’ve learned even more through the act of teaching.

It’s a well-known fact that if you want to learn something very well then force yourself to teach it to others. Scientists even have a name for it “the protege effect.

You will prepare differently, you will view what you learn differently, you will research more thoroughly and you will work out how to communicate what you’ve learned in a simple manner – and that’s actually the key to the greatest knowledge – the ability to simplify the complex.

In fact, just approaching learning as if you are expected to teach what you learn – even if that’s not going to be the case – dramatically improves recall and cognition.

So, here’s my point – Entrepreneurs teach in order to grow. Approach every task, process, conversation as moments to teach and by doing so – learn.

Action Idea: Everyday presents an opportunity to learn and to teach – seize teaching today!


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